Scuttlebutt from TJ Morgan


I have seen a lot of work this year on the Toys for Tots drive. You have all done a great job and should be commended, I salute you!

I am on my way out the door in a couple of weeks to start my yearly travel for the Marine Corps League. First up I head to Marine West in Camp Pendleton CA. I always love to go down and support our expos and the MCL members in the SW Division. I then leave for the East coast for this year’s Midwinter conference n Fredericksburg VA. We have a lot of work to get done there. Besides the regular BOT meetings and such, I have been tasked by the National Commandant to work on and deliver recommendations for standardization of our uniforms and SOP for the Funeral detail. I will present the committee’s findings and recommendations to both the BOT and to the floor.

Next are the 2018 Department conventions. I will attend each one again this year not just so you can see my face but to pass on to you what the BOT and others are doing for you the membership of the league. I will be seeking your support for my last tour starting at the National convention in Buffalo NY, So a busy year again with a hell of a lot of travel and comradery with al l of you.

See you all very soon.

Semper Fi

TJ Morgan