Operation Awakening II the Long Patrol

Thought it is time to post an update on Tim Tuomey. GySgt John Stofiel reported in an email to me that so far Tim has raised $44,578 for the Semper Fi Fund for wounded Marines and families. That’s about 45% of his goal to raise $100,000.

He is presently south of North Palisade heading for Mt Bolton Brown on the Pacific Coast Trail still heading south to his goal, the Mexican border, almost, due east of Fresno. You can follow his progress on the Operation Awakening II website.


I was not aware that he has been doing a series of YouTube videos along the way. I discovered that today and subscribed to the series. In this video Tim expresses his appreciation of all the people who have been supporting him along the way including all the members of the Marine Corps League detachments. Oorah!